Be Smart

Technology that performs tasks that would normally require a human or human intelligence is known as “smart” technology. In recent times, the most visible form of this technology has been in popular smart devices, such as smart phones. When it comes to the smart home, this type of intelligent technology is used to make everyday tasks easier and more convenient to perform by using programmable devices that are connected and interact with one another, usually through a single system. Control and access to these devices may be through sensors, monitors or by voice commands that are given by the homeowner either in person or via a mobile device.


Smart Glass

Also known as electric glass, smart glass has a number of applications in technologically advanced homes. This type of glass can reduce the amount of light that enters a room using a small electrical current. In terms of privacy, smart glass can transform itself from transparent to opaque or even black according to the type of smart glass that is in use. Climate control is another use for this type of glass. In the winter months, it helps to retain interior warmth, while in the summer it reduces the amount of heat that enters the home. There are three basic methods that manufacturers of smart glass use to make their product. These methods are electrochromic, suspended particle and polymer dispersed liquid crystal.