Switchable glazing for Residential



PDLC SmartGlass is an ideal design medium for personal residences – to create areas of privacy within your home. It can even be used as a back projection screen to screen the latest DVD releases or play the latest Xbox Kinect games.

There are several areas where privacy glass can be used. These include:

• Windows

• Home Office

• Bathrooms and Shower Screens

• Family Areas

• Bedrooms

• Conservatories

Privacy Glass also alleviates the need for blinds and therefore cuts down on the work needed to clean and maintain these areas of the house.

Other benefits include:

• That it provides UV protection.

• Can be integrated with home management IT systems so can be used instantly and set to a timer

• Controlled remotely using smart phones or iPad/android tablets

• Can provide you with security as well as privacy

• Can be used indoor and/or outdoor

In addition to all these benefits it can come in any design, color, size (up to 1500mm x 3200mm) or shape.

Your imagination is the only limitation!