What types of products can be made from SmartGlass ®?

A growing number of product applications can be benefited from using PDLC technology. These include:

  • Architectural windows,
  • interior partitions,
  • skylights.
  • rear projection screens for both commercial and residential use.
  • automotive windows and sunroofs.
  • point of purchase and advertising displays.

What are the benefits of using SmartGlass / SmartFilm ®?

  • Immediate control of privacy.
  • Improvement in users comfort, with greater security.
  • Efficient use of space in building environments.
  • Aesthetically attractive.
  • SmartGlass® cost-effectiveness relative to other smart window technologies.
  • Energy savings through reduced A/C cooling.
  • Low operating voltage.
  • UV protection and stability (blocks over 99% of UV rays).
  • Excellent contrast for rear projection purposes.
  • Protection from people viewing valuable items.
  • Exceptional optical qualities and reliable technology; 5 year warranty.
  • Easy maintenance.

Can SmartGlass® be supplied in alternative colors?

Yes. The Standard color is milky white, but other colors are available. Please contact our Sales Department for other colors.

Can SmartGlass® be used in external windows?

Yes, with or without double glazed units.

Please contact our Sales Department for further information.

Can I purchase a sample?

Yes. Please contact our Sales Department.

When SmartGlass® panels are ON, are they completely transparent?

No. All panels present a degree of haze which is part of the product make up.

When you look at SmartGlass® panels from an angle while they are ON, are they less transparent?

Yes. When the panels are looked at from an angle, haze levels are accentuated.

May SmartGlass® be used for roof glazing?

Yes. SmartGlass® can be supplied with tempered laminated glass providing shutter proof safety.

Can SmartGlass® be used for floor or stair tiles?

Yes. Please contact our Sales Department for further information.

Can SmartGlass® be used in bathrooms or humid areas?

Yes, SmartGlass® has been awarded IPX7 certificate. Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

May SmartGlass® be silk-screen printed?


May SmartGlass® be used as a high definition screen?

Yes. SmartGlass® can be used as a rear projection screen.

At what distance must the projector be allocated?

It depends on the size of the screen; generally between 1 to 3m away. The projector should be slightly inclined for optimal resolution.

What is the delivery time for SmartGlass®?

Generally 30 days. For urgent deliveries, please contact our Sales Department.

What transformer should be used for SmartGlass®?

NSG Nordic Smart Gruppen supplies its own transformers along each order which are programmed to the required voltage for each individual project.

What is the power consumption of SmartGlass®?

Under 8 W/m2.

When does SmartGlass® consume electricity?

When it is in ON position, in transparent state.

What is the standard composition of SmartGlass®?

11mm (5mm+5mm+1mm). ExtraClear Glass / EVA / Dream Film / EVA / ExtraClear Glass.

What is the minimum and maximum thickness that SmartGlass® may be laminated into?

Minimum: 3+3mm. General thicknesses for lamination are 4+4mm, 5+5mm and 6+6mm. We have carried out all sorts of triple lamination such as 12+12+12. Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

May SmartGlass® be curved?

Yes. Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

May SmartGlass® be made with Tempered Glass?


Can SmartGlass® be drilled?

Yes, but only during the production process.

What are the maximum and minimum working temperatures for SmartGlass®?

-10ºC to +60ºC. For installations in areas which surpass these limits, contact our Sales Department to study alternative product makeup’s (double glazing etc).

Can SmartGlass® be laminated with other types of glass?

Yes, such as: Mirror, Color Tinted, Fire rated.

What is the lifetime expectancy of SmartGlass®?

The first installation of this glass was carried out over 15 years ago, and continues to work normally. Our panels have gone thorough testing with ON/OFF programs.

What warranty is offered for SmartGlass®?

NSG will provide a 5 year warranty. For more in depth information on our warranty, please contact our Sales Department.