What types of products can be made from SmartGlas®?

A growing number of product applications can benefit from using PDLC technology. These include:

  • Architectural windows, interior partitions, skylights.
  • Rear projection screens for both commercial and residential use.
  • Automotive windows and sunroofs.
  • Point of purchase and advertising displays.
What are the benefits of using SmartGlas/film®?
  • Immediate control of privacy.
  • Improvement in user comfort, with greater security.
  • Efficient use of space in building environments.
  • Aesthetically attractive.
  • Cost-effectiveness relative to other smart window technologies.
  • Energy savings through reduced A/C cooling.
  • Low operating voltage.
  • UV protection and stability (blocks over 99% of UV rays).
  • Excellent contrast for rear projection purposes.
  • Protection from people viewing valuable items.
  • Exceptional optical qualities and reliable technology; 5-year warranty.
  • Easy maintenance.
Can SmartGlas® be supplied in alternative colors?

Yes. The Standard color is milky white, but other colors are available. Please contact our Sales Department for other colors.

Can SmartGlas® be used in external windows?

Yes, with or without double glazed units. Until now, MEDIA BOARD AB would only warrant panels which were used in exteriors with double glazed units. However, recently MEDIA BOARD AB has developed a system which allows its panels to be placed in exteriors without double glazing. Please contact our Sales Department for further information.

Can I purchase a sample?

Yes. Please contact our Sales Department.

When SmartGlas® panels are ON, are they completely transparent?

No. All panels present a degree of haze which is part of the product make up.

When you look at SmartGlas® panels from an angle while they are ON, are they less transparent?

Yes. When the panels are looked at from an angle, haze levels are accentuated.

May SmartGlas® be used for roof glazing?

Yes. SmartGlas® can be supplied with tempered laminated glass providing shatterproof safety.

Can SmartGlas® be used for floor or stair tiles?

Yes. Please contact our Sales Department for further information.

Can SmartGlas® be used for all types of doors?

Yes, both for automatic & manual doors.

Can SmartGlas® be used in bathrooms or humid areas?

Yes, SmartGlas® has been awarded IPX7 certificate. Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

May SmartGlas® be silk-screen printed?


May SmartGlas® be used as a high-definition screen?

Yes. SmartGlas® can be used as a rear projection screen.

At what distance must the projector be allocated?

It depends on the size of the screen; generally between 1 to 3m away. The projector should be slightly inclined for optimal resolution.

What is the delivery time for SmartGlas®?

Generally 30 days. For urgent deliveries, please contact our Sales Department.

What transformer should be used for SmartGlas®?

MEDIA BOARD AB supplies its own transformers along each order which are programmed to the required voltage for each individual project.

What is the power consumption of SmartGlas®?

Under 8 W/m2.

When does SmartGlas® consume electricity?

When it is in the ON position, in transparent state.

What is the standard composition of SmartGlas®?

11mm (5mm+5mm+1mm). ExtraClear Glass / EVA / Dream Film / EVA / ExtraClear Glass.

What is the minimum and maximum thickness that SmartGlas® may be laminated into?

Minimum: 3+3mm. General thicknesses for lamination are 4+4mm, 5+5mm, and 6+6mm. We have carried out all sorts of triple lamination such as 12+12+12. Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

May SmartGlas® be curved?

Yes. Please contact our Technical Department for further information.

May SmartGlas® be made with Tempered Glass?


Can SmartGlas® be drilled?

Yes, but only during the production process.

What are the maximum and minimum working temperatures for SmartGlas®?

-10ºC to +60ºC. For installations in areas which surpass these limits, contact our Sales Department to study alternative product makeups (double glazing, etc).

Can SmartGlas® be laminated with other types of glass?

Yes, such as: Mirror, Color Tinted, Fire rated.

What is the lifetime expectancy of SmartGlas®?

The first installation of this glass was carried out over 15 years ago, and continues to work normally. Our panels have gone through testing with ON/OFF programs.

What warranty is offered for SmartGlas®?

NSG AB will provide a 3-year warranty. For more in-depth information on our warranty, please contact our Sales Department.